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     This section will highlight a new character each month in 2015! Learn about the Dope Fiends on the first Monday of every month!


Archimedes - January 2015




Character Archive


Myam Agh'Naton - December 2013

Myam Agh'Naton



The Murmur - January 2014

The Murmur



Dri'ah Ryes - February 2014



Whyde Uhuake - March 2014



 Dube - April 2014




Carida Wae - May 2014



Equespecte Thunixpected - June 2014




Bong - July 2014




Inspector Lancaster - August 2014 



Dohja Ja'Buk - September 2014




Mundonugu - October 2014




Coquette - November 2014



Demon Bier - December 2014




Archimedes - January 2015


EXP debut's a new video starring the Flaminguitars

     Meet the Flaminguitars - EXP's resident birdbrains. They love to dance to the beat, and totally glow in the dark. The second music video from the bunraku cosplay...

Need some Dope? We still got you covered!

     Hey there everybody, I know it's been kinda quiet on the Dope Fiends front recently, but that's because we've been taking time away from promoting our music, comics...

Dallas Comic Con 2014

Please forgive the following short complaint. ...but to get my point across it really is necessary for you to understand the week/end I was having. Drive ten hours to Dallas...

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